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chapter nine -dinner and a stroll

Posted by Brian Topp , 08 August 2013 · 379 views

zombies story
Chapter Nine - Dinner and a stroll
Ever seen those funny youtube videos where you get some infant child walking a big dog like a golden retriever and the dog is dragging kid by the lead? This is happening to me right now but I am jumping a head of me again.


Topp didn't stare for too long as I originally thought, He stood there staring at the direction of the sound where the truck driving with it's music blasting until it faded. What remained was not silence except the sound of foul sound of flesh and bone hitting the road until it finally stopped. Topp suddenly reanimate to life, he turned smartly around and with each step, he walked back into the walmart.

The foul black smoke has caked the ceiling and made it difficult for me to see around me. I finally was forced me to float down until my head was at ground level where the smoke was less. After passing isles, I soon noticed a clearing near the Television isle, where the survivors had a built their life in the store for themselves. Tents were pitched with duct tape and near by there were pallets of water jugs, dry food and canned food.

It looked like they have been here for some time, Piles of clothes seem to be used was discarded as they got dirty. Empty candy wrappers were discarded randomly on the floor next to kids toys. I was going to look away until I had noticed four bodies laying near the tents. Topp stopped shuffling and turned his head slowly, He moaned softly as greenish gray drool began to run down. The smoked had cleared briefly and I found that they all had piles of bodies were not zombies but humans that were freshly killed. I heard a faint noise, it wasn't a zombies vocals since it the noise was coughing.

We both moved close to the source of the sound. We turned a corner to find a man who had himself propped against a pallet of water, he had his hand over his chest trying and his eyes were rolling. The main looked young, in his twenties and he looked like he didn't shave for a while with his wirey beard was every where.

He looked up and saw Topp, He squinted "John?" he crocked as blood ran out of his mouth. Topp walked slowly and raised his hands towards the man. "John, they killed Joel and Carl... i told.. you they would rebel.. John?" The man screamed as Topp dived at him and began the feast on the dying man. I watched in horror as the man screamed and then went quiet after trying to put up a fight with the remaining life.


I tried to fight Topp as he walked up the road where the truck went. Pushing my self until i went in pain as I tried to pull Topp back. "Go back to the STORE YOU b******!" I yell as I gave up and let the force pull me.

"I guess we are following the truck" I mutter.

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