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Chapter Ten - Friends

Posted by Brian Topp , 11 August 2013 · 497 views

zombie story
Chapter Ten - Friends

Day 62,

Dear Fictitious Diary in my undead, spectral head, It has been Seven days since the slaughter of Walmart and we been walking slowly after the truck. Topp has been pretty much good to sticking to the "Follow the direction of where the Truck went" Plan but some how he got distracted like a kitten distracted by a fluffy mouse.

May I ask you theoretical question, If the world of living was wiped out, what would be zombies enemies?

Some people would say building decay from lack of maintenance and the weather elements coming in and crushing the undead when it collapses.

Time, others might say, zombies can't last forever.

Car alarms perhaps? Some trigger them off and draw every mobile zombie to it.

If you picked any of those, you are wrong, dead wrong, It's Wind.

Topp and three other zombies are currently standing under a tree staring at wonder at the wind chimes that are hanging from the tree from a typical suburban house. The zombies have been mesmerized by the wind chimes for two days now and the wind chimes are not showing they are going to give up on their audience. When gust of wind makes something move or make a noise, our undead friends will check it out.

The other zombies were pretty calm to chat with since they all accepted their death except Carlos, Who would go into a repetitive argument with Steve, which ironically happened right now.

"You killed me" Accused Carlos for the 17th time.

"No, I didn't, Steve" Sighed Steve.

"You turned into a zombie and you attacked me when I was a sleep on the sofa"growled Carlos as his aura rippled like a current in a puddle.

"Carlos, Tell me man, Can you control your body because I can't and I know YOU can't since all of us are like FLOATING ABOVE our bodies!" snapped Steve

"You could of, like" Carlos paused for a moment and then roared "Gave me a heads up!"

Steve paused for a second and then lowered his voice "Carlos, You are telling me that I should of told you that I am now dead and that I have no way of controlling my corpse, Including my mouth and tongue that I am about to eat you?"

Carlos paused for a moment in thought and then spoke in a plain matter of fact voice "Yes" which trigger both Carlos and Steve to started arguing.

I had enough of their bickering so I broke myself away from the other spirits and floated down into the ground. It's a trick I had learned when Topp was dragging me along the street like a favorite rag doll.

If I sink into the ground and then tilt my view upwards, I can block out the noise around me and stare at the sky but right now I just want to be left a lone and didn't want to look at any thing. It's the closest thing to closing my eyes or having "Me" Time from my corpse.

I floated deep through the yellow dying grass, into the earth. Here in the dark i felt slightly felt better until I my mind went back to wondering about my wife and then my coworkers and then finally back to the Walmart. After a few minutes it lead back to the garden center, then to Topp finding that dying survivor. I remember Topp walking through the trap that the survivors had made. It was filed with charcoal corpses that were lay on the floor, smoldering.  I remember me dreading for some specter that had it's body burnt trying to connect with me and what words i would hear. I checked the bodies for faces or uniforms but their bodies were too burnt for me to tell.

When we were out side of the store, we walked around to the side of the building to the loading bay. When we turned the corner, I saw piles of zombies who had jumped off and was splattered on the pavement. I saw Mary who was one of them, Her zombie was still mobile with only a broken arm. She must of landed on one of the zombies.  I didn't see any of my other coworkers until Topp was down the street when I looked back and saw Melissa Day standing on the top of the building, her corpse was staring at us, not moving.

"Brian, Are you ok hun?" a feminine voice broke my train of thought. It was Lee-anne Smith, a sixy five year old woman who had a motherly persona about her that made me felt like i was in the 3th grade. She told me she had died from the fever and when she a woke she fought she was going to heaven but remained her to prove to her lord she is a willing servant of god.So she tells me.

"Ah, I am fine Ms Smith, Just wanted some a lone time" I replied. "Hun, you are never alone when god is smiling down upon us from heaven" she said in a cheerful voice. "God is testing our faith and we must show it with a positive smile" She said in a matter of fact voice."Thanks?" I said unsure. "Well hon, I be with Carlos and Steve, don't be down here too long, ok?" i said yes and i felt her spirit letting go of mine. I felt relieved that she didn't preach to me about the bible again.

I floated up a little out of the ground some time later. I can see Carlos and Stevens spirits shaking wildly together. I looked at Topp who was still looking at the wind chimes as it play it's tune with the wind.

Topp has.. I am not sure the correct term but he has some how mended himself. When Topp was walking after the Truck, I noticed his bullet wounds had puss coming out and then solidified an hour later, that left a fleshy green mark, even his side had mended with the green stuff over and covered his ribs. He also even became more mobile and he even became to look more less decayed that he did before.

I think eating that human has caused him to some how heal himself. Since Melissa had told me back at the store that her corpse self shoulder did the same, it was badly damaged from the zombies biting her but it healed over after she ate and it became some what functional for the zombie to use.

I then remember some of the zombies on the road, they decayed so much they lay and mosquitoes used their body to breed. It became a bloated swarm of insects buzzing around them. I wonder if zombies don't feed, do they degrade to a type of fertilizer for insects. Speaking of insects, A fly landed on Topp's face and moved around. It stood directly on Topp's eye for a second then up his nose and then back out before flying off.

Finally the wind chime went quiet and slowly but surely we departed our ways. Topp walked back onto the road and then walked on into the sunset.

Aug 16 2013 02:01 PM
Good chapter. Pretty funny the zombies staring in wonder at the wind chimes.
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