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Chapter 12: Hitch Hiking

Posted by Brian Topp , 27 October 2013 · 178 views

The four figures walked down the the once busy highway, The road is covered with dust and abandoned cars. Topp walked next to the curb while the rest of the undead has branched out in the road and was walking shoulder to shoulder.  We slowly moved past another turn off ramp that had a green sign with white words "Applesburg 4 miles", Some one had taken the time to spray paint the letter "Z" over the name.

I have seen this mark a few times on town names. I can only think Z means, heavily populated with undead. Topp bounced off a car but it didn't seem to slow him down. Some of the car doors were left were wide opened, as if they had to leave in a hurry. Quite a few had weapons, food and one vehicle, a blow up doll. The other cars were wrecks. Things like smashing into each other to being totally flipped over.

Right Now, I am trying to break away from the arguement between shane (tallman) and Not-Roy. No matter where I float they seem to grab me and make me listen to their prattle. Since I went mute on them trying to goat me in to argue them, So they decided to have arguments amongst themselves about various topics. Let me name a few for you. They argued for an hour on why it rains, which winter was the worst, the name of a girl of some guy they knew had dated, obama care and is a seal really a dog? It was weird no matter the argument, no matter the temperment of the spectres, the undead corpses moved together at the same speed, with not a care in the world.

The arguement (this time) started when they saw an upturned truck and both spectures examined the damages, but some how this sparked an arguement. Not-Roy floated higher than tall man and then bellow "I told ya, You need a 12mm wrench for 91 Toyota Tercel!"

Tall man Floated his ghostly face to Not-Roys, almost touching "And I said no it AINT, That is for those foriegn cars that the chinese people drive, our cars need a 10mm wrench for the bleeder valves. I know, my daddy had one."

I hear a faint noise behind us,  like a hum of some sort, I turn my spectural vision to see if I could see any thing behind but couldn't see too far from the cars littlered. Not-Roy made a snarling noise "Shoot, That ole rust bucket is not a 1991 toyota truck. That is like a 1987 Chevy "

The noise is getting louder "Hey guys, Do you hear that noise?" I asked. "He's right, ya know" responded Louis ignoring me, "12mm wrench would strip the bolt corners and make it round"

Not-roy paused, thought about it and then said "Nah uh, Roy and I worked on this rich fella car last year and i remember distinctly that we had used a 12mm wrench".

I can make out the the source of the noise, It was a hummer and it was driving flying towards with dust floating into the air. "Hey, a car is coming" I pointed out. Louis glanced at the dust but then turned his attention back to the argument."

"Yeah and I heard that fella's down in the next town, ran out of radiator fluid." chucked the tall man.

Not-Roy made a spectre hand and pointed directly at Tall mans face for a second "he was a lousy tipper and it wasn't because.." We will  never know what defensive arguement that Not-Roy would of had used, since the hummer had plowed into us.

I hear a final "THUMP" noise and dust and every thing went insane. I found myself looking at Topp laying on the floor and I had also lost connection with the others. I look around but the dust blinded my vision. I tried to calm down and I tried to replay the events over slowly in my mind.

Topp was walking next to the curb, To the left of me was Louis, Then Not-Roy followed by Tallman on the other end. I watched as the car flew into us, the driver, mouth opened in horror.

Not-Roy's zombie body is still fresh so he wasn't so slow like the rest of us, So he had spun around 180 degrees very smoothly to face the enemy while Louis was slowly turning, raising his arms.

Topp and Tallman's corpse didn't seem to be phased and they bother turning around. As the car got close, where I can see bits of bug stuck on the car window, I jumped off the road, as in I floated away in home of not being hit but my undead self didn't take the him

Topp fell to the side  of the road from a hand slapping him on the face. Dust filled the air and the car kept going down the road, I could make the hummer it clipping against an abandoned car but it didn't seem to slow it down..

Three seconds had past now, the car screeches down the road until I hear a fleshy smash against a metal and glass and  then a thud on the road next to us. Topp still lay on the floor there not moving, I float close to examine the injures. For what I can see, he only broke a thumb and got a few scrapes but i wouldn't know what his internal injuries until he got up.

A minute past, the dust settled and i can make out Tallman now standing on the exact same place he was standing prior to being hit.

I could make out bits of a body on the road and then finnally i can make out Not-Roy laying on the road, his legs shattered beyond repair.

I float closer to the two spirits that were currently linked in conversation.

"We'll get ya to the hospitle" said Tallman in a panicked voice. "They'll fix you real good". Not-Roy bitter voice "I'm dead ya moron, they don't fix the dead". Tallman's aura rippled (I notice when a spectre is thinking their aura would ripples like water). "A... taxidermist then" he said desperately. Not-Roy responded "I just eat em before he fixes me" in a calm voice.

"You must find that jerk and get him for me, avenge my... undeath." Not-Roy he said with a dying breath. Topp had gotten to his feet now, "Oh good, I thought, The wrapper got knocked off". I looked back at Not-Roy who went silent. I decided to speak "I know you aren't dead, We can see your aura." Not-roy broke his placid nature "I know dumbass, I was being dramatic, Like in those hollywood movies" he said flatly. Tallman's specture aura turned slowly, I could make his spectral head moving "Where's louis?" he asked. I floated closer to the floor and inspected a lose shoe "Well, His dislodged hand slapped my corpse in the face and I see parts of him scattered around" i stated and once again got ignored.

None of them replied, we just waited until the dust settles down enough to reveal louis. After a few minutes, From what I can see, Only his left arm and torso remained intact. His head was caved in from the impact against the abandoned car's side door.

" I.. I don't see his aura" I stated. None of them said any thing for a while. Topp then began to walk, I began to feel the tug "Hey, My corpse is dragging me, I'm sorry".

I watched as I lost connection with the other spirits as Topp walked down the road, this time with more ethusiam and speed after the cars. I turned and floated down into the ground and just let Topp drag me.

A while past until i heard some one speak "That little brat going to get it, do you know the number of the lisense plate of that hummer?"

I floated up and I found that Zombie Tallman was next to me and we both were walking down the street. "Ah, I remember being a New York Drivers plate with AC1 in it". Tallman nodded "Shane said he catch up to us, he is dragging himself."

I was tempted to give him a snide comment like "Why don't you carry him but I let it lie". We walked down the road and I notice the road was soon begin to fill with under who must of heard the loud noise.

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