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When it comes to UFO's and analyzing them from an unbiased viewpoint...

Posted by Lorelilly , 30 June 2013 · 270 views

May 15, 2013
Originally Posted by Lorelilly

I saw one on June 28, 1980 and I'd give anything to see another. No one can tell me what I saw was anything from this Earth.

I was smoking a cigarette outside my bedroom window around midnight when I noticed two stars. They were horizontal with each other and the left star was extremely brilliant. I kept smoking and off too the right of the 2 stars, red streaks of "something" began to fall.

Now I know what a meteor shower looks like and the streaks were not like that. When I looked back at the 2 stars they lit up, left to right and showed ONE object. The colors were yellowish green and it continued to pulse left to right. There was no sound and it passed over my house. I ran outside but didn't see it again due to tree canopy. The red streaks continued for about 2 more minutes, then nothing.

I called the police department the next day and asked if anyone had reported strange lights in the sky, and I was told no. The entire sight is still fresh in my minds eye all these years later. At night you'll see me glancing skyward and wishing for one more look...

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