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Don't let your limiting beliefs rule your love life or love for life!

Posted by Debra Lynne Katz , 23 July 2013 · 366 views

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We all need to have thoughts and beliefs and ideas. If we didn't have these we would never get out of bed, never go get a glass of water, never achieve anything. However, these beliefs can cause us so much pain, particularly when they color how we see our selves and when they limit our interactions with others or the endless opportunities that are ripe for the picking in every moment.  If you feel like:

You are not good enough
You are not desirable enough
You are not worthy of love, or of having a job you love, or of a best friend who cares, a loving partner, or of having the life you wish to lead:

Know, this is not the truth, this is a belief. It doesn't matter if your life to this point has been proof of the above. It can all change in an instant if you decide it will and that you are ready to do all that's in your power to change it.  No one else can do this for you, but there will be help along the way in many forms if you decide to do it.

First step is realizing your reality is just a temporary thing and already a thing of the past by the moment you become aware of it.

I had a dream about Brad Pitt a few years ago. In it, he invited me to have a drink with him in a bar. He just wanted to talk. But the whole time I couldn't relax, because all I could think is, "Why on earth would he want to be with me, when he could be with someone like Angela?!".  Before I knew it my opportunity to get to know him, and he me, was over.  I blew it. Why? Because I'm not worthy? No, because I BELIEVED I wasn't worthy, or special enough, beautiful enough, what ever, even in my dreams!   When I look back on my college days, I recall times similar to this, when some very hot, sweet, guys asked me out. How did I respond? I told them outright I didn't like Football players or jocks or Fraternity guys! Why did I do that? Well one, I expected to get hurt because a few had kind of made fun of me when younger, so I figured I'd save them the trouble, and two, because I was too young and silly to realize that guys, even big strong attractive guys, have feelings too! It only took a few of these and the pained looks on their faces to realize this, but a lot longer to understand how I was getting in my own way.

So I created my own prison of loneliness, and then wondered why I couldn't find the right guy!

I'm a little savvier now and way happier with a great relationship going on 10 years, but it took me until I was 35 to be able to have it.

So how do you get over limiting beliefs and ideas about yourself? First, bring yourself into the present moment. Say "Hi" to yourself.  Imagine that you are taking those beliefs and putting them into a cloud.  Imagine what color the cloud becomes as you gather up all those icky, self defeating thoughts and feelings into the cloud.  See the cloud as being separate from yourself.  Then move it further and further away out into the atmosphere until it evaporates and is gone.

Now, for the fun part, spend at least a few minutes filling yourself up with a vibrant color that represents the feeling and attitude you'd like to express.  Make it sparkly pink for creativity, red for passion, blue green for romance, orange for happiness, green for new beginnings, or just your very favorite color.  Then spend a few more minutes visualizing the exact opposite of what you doubted. See yourself surrounded by smiling happy people who can't wait to hang out with you or who want to pay you to do work you love or who just love you more then you ever thought possible. At the very least you'll feel better.

Finally, go take one action towards changing your life.  Call, not text, someone you've been wanting to chat with. Go up and say "Hi" to that person you'd usually never approach. Even if they don't respond favorably, you'll feel one step closer to being the brave person you are soon to become.

Start taking steps towards doing the one thing you've always wanted to do, even if it's just a baby step involving getting some training or additional information.

Have fun!

You are not your beliefs. You are so much more, and just like they can change, so can you!

For more tips like these, read my latest book, "Freeing the Genie Within", available through Amazon, or as a pdf ebook via my website at www.urpsychic.com

Very good advice. I intend to follow. Thank you.
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