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Posted by UFO RETALIAN SHAPESHIFTER , 31 July 2013 · 564 views

WORLD WAR 2 Fighting for my country leaving my love ones behind
  i see nothing but destruction
   i didint know why i promise my family im gonna come back alive
   i see tanks as metal monster that will never die
i see planes like a hawk looking for its prey so it can kill
theres was bomb exploding everywhere
  one of them damage my ear
  as the enemy come toward me i stab it
hard as i can
   knowing he have  a family member as me
   i can hear my teammates with its stomach open across the field calling for help
    i didint know what to do
    i didint want to get shot by hitler army
   i took a risk run fast as i can over there
   but a metal make a hole in my back
as i fall i can still breathing
but the question im wondering before i die
    is it really worth killing many soldier
   and killing many innocent people
  and bringing destruction to their home
   so you can get what you want.

Great writing.Touched my heart.
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Jul 31 2013 04:10 PM
Great! I served in the U.S. army in Viet Nam many years ago, so I can relate.
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Jul 31 2013 08:57 PM
thank you for joining the us military and fighting for our country.
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Jul 31 2013 11:20 PM
Well, actually I was drafted and was against that war, as many were, and I didn't think I was fighting for our country, which I wasn't. I wasn't fighting for our country because, when we lost the war and left Viet Nam, nothing changed here in the U.S.

The only thing that did change was our boys weren't being killed and maimed anymore. Also, we weren't killing and maiming the people of Viet Nam anymore.

But, I did my part there. Your poem says a lot. Thanks for posting it.
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Aug 01 2013 02:03 AM
no problem anytime. it really suck how hundreds of soldier die and the goal was never reach. people say the us didint really loss they just left of course they loss. they never achieve there goal.
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