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Song of the month 1, August

Posted by spartan max2 , 15 August 2013 · 408 views

So I decided to make a blog that gives a shout out to one song every month. It will most likely be from different genres each month. The songs that I pick are just any song that I feel deserves some notice or if the song is just majorly stuck in my head. The song can be old or new or anything

The song for August that I picked is "Stubborn Love" by The Lumineers

I highly encourage people to watch the music video, it is very touching if you let yourself get lost in it. I feel that the theme is a song we can all relate too. The video is kind of sad but happy some. Bittersweet you could say. The song is fun to listen too even by itself, they have nice vocals and the flow feels right. I am normally not big on love songs but this one hit close to home.

I interpreted the video as the little girls mom and dad just separated and she is going with the mom but she is to young to understand why she is leaving her dad. So the whole video she is in the car trying to make sense of everything.

So feel free to watch enjoy and tell me what you think :tu:

Aug 18 2013 01:58 AM
Nice song, I enjoyed it. Thanks for posting it. Sounds a little like aCat Stevens song, which is a compliment, in my opinion.

Not too many comment on blogs around here, so don't be discouraged if you don't get many. Doesn't mean your readers don't appreciate your blog.  I think a lot who view blogs are guests who can't comment anyway.

Looking forward to next month's song.  :)
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spartan max2
Aug 19 2013 04:53 PM
wow I got a comment lol.

Yeah I wasn't sure how the reception would be, I don't expect all too much people to post. I know when I look at blogs on here I don't comment much.

I like music blogs because it introduces songs to people that they may of not heard before. When I like a song I want to spread the joy lol
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