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Ghost screaming in haunted hotel

Posted by Brian Topp , 04 November 2013 · 4,557 views
hotel fake ghost kickstarter
Here is the full video.

To give a summary if you can not watch a video, A security camera appears and shows 4 cameras, one shows an employee who went to inspect a room that has complaints from other people of screaming. The whole time you hear a man talking to John and female worker. John enters the room and...


Creepy = Not Paranormal

Posted by Brian Topp , 29 September 2013 · 1,080 views

I am not a mathematician but I can count to ten with my fingers and twenty if I take my shoes and socks off. Knowing this, I do have a paranormal mathematical equation that I believe people seem to mix up.

First let me explain the mathematical meanings.




I can control people

Posted by Brian Topp , 20 September 2013 · 421 views

I can Control people.

Unlike my other blogs, where i show how to replicate or to educate people about technology to avoid confusion than blaming ghosts.

This is more of an opinion and i can say most people would click away from this blog. Some may read and some may just read the third sentance and just reply with some comment about me being a skeptic and...



Posted by Brian Topp , 08 September 2013 · 328 views

When recording the sounds there is a lot of factors that come into effect.

1. Know your voice recorder,
A voice recorder can pick up distant noises or even through walls, airvents etc, not always clearly. I once stuck my voice recorder in an old traveling chest and cover it with pillows and wrapped out side with comforters. I then shut the closet door, for...


House Settling

Posted by Brian Topp , 08 September 2013 · 276 views

Noises In the night, Some say it is the ghosts of the deseased coming back and walking down these empty halls. The reality is, It could be your house settling.

What is "house settling" you may ask, Over time houses wear down, moisture, decay and wear and tear by use of the house can slightly deform or crack your house. Heat and moisture also has...


Asking for evidence

Posted by Brian Topp , 08 September 2013 · 216 views

Welcome to UM, There is a fine tradition on UM that we ask for video evidence,

The reasons if one of the following (please understand I am not trying to claim you are in these catagories)

1. The person is lying.
2. The person is practicing "creative writing"
3. Person has the evidence that every skeptic is dying to see.
4. The OP (Original...

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