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Asking for evidence

Posted by Brian Topp , 08 September 2013 · 175 views

Welcome to UM, There is a fine tradition on UM that we ask for video evidence,

The reasons if one of the following (please understand I am not trying to claim you are in these catagories)

1. The person is lying.
2. The person is practicing "creative writing"
3. Person has the evidence that every skeptic is dying to see.
4. The OP (Original Poster who started the thread) will vanish when this suggestion is mentioned since either A. Ghost is camera shy or B. That the person is Number 1.
5. Person is confused, stressed out and is really having sleeping disorders such as Pareidolia http://en.wikipedia....wiki/Pareidolia . I suffer this time to time, especially if i am stressed. Some nights my wife said it takes me five minutes to wake up from my dream and she said I always talk about vistors in the room or people attacking us.
6. Some people have issues with random noises like the house settling. House settling is where moisture and tempture changes and causes your house to make certain noises that sound like people walking etc. If we have video we can confirm this is appening.

Do not worry some member will surely give you some suggestion like reading the bible, having the house bless, meditate (i recommend this if you are stressed), setting it on fire or ask you if the house  is buried ontop of an indian burial ground (because there soooo many here in the use).

Seriously though, Setting up a camera would help, most likely it make the ghost go camera shy.

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