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House Settling

Posted by Brian Topp , 08 September 2013 · 275 views

Noises In the night, Some say it is the ghosts of the deseased coming back and walking down these empty halls. The reality is, It could be your house settling.

What is "house settling" you may ask, Over time houses wear down, moisture, decay and wear and tear by use of the house can slightly deform or crack your house. Heat and moisture also has an effect since at night the tempature changes. sometimes it is just parts of the house moving, such as plumbing lines (when they carry hot water), or windows expanding (when they are in direct sun light).

What about the floor boards?

As one piece of wood tries to move against another, pressure builds between the two. Finally the joint slips, causing the popping. It's a mini-version of an earthquake--two sections of the Earth's crust try to move against each other, pressure builds at the fault until it causes movement and an earthquake results.

If you disagree then sure it is a ghost.

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