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Posted by Brian Topp , 08 September 2013 · 277 views

When recording the sounds there is a lot of factors that come into effect.

1. Know your voice recorder,
A voice recorder can pick up distant noises or even through walls, airvents etc, not always clearly. I once stuck my voice recorder in an old traveling chest and cover it with pillows and wrapped out side with comforters. I then shut the closet door, for an hour i was singing a nursey song. When I played it back, i heard faint parts of the song. People forget that the world moves on and empty houses do amplify the noises from distances.

2. Remembering the source of the sound,
This is what I have against ghost relality shows, Ghost Hunters have so many people wondering around (The cast, the camera crew, the sound guy, director, lunch (yes they have a lunch guy/girl) walking around a very quiet building) that it is impossible to know who is where and who said what or did what when they are listening to the recordings. When you listen to the recording you may of think you heard a noise as a ghost/spirit/unicorn made of cheese that could be just a fellow human or even animal.

3A. Tampering, Evps are very easy to contaminate by accident. Unlike TV shows where they can in a few seconds, slow down a noise and make it clear  and sharp it is not possible in reality. I don't want to get techiqcal but slowing down or speeding it up can change the way it sounds.

3B. Tampering, Evps are very easy to contaminate on purpose, either using software or even using their or other peoples voice and make a story up.

4. Power of suggestion, I notice how people will play the sound but give their opinion of the sound they have heard, so people will have that word or sound in mind when listening.

5. Nature, Wind and animal noises do get recorded.

Sounds like you'd have to be a real acoustics pro to find out what's what from a tape. Maybe do some comparison taping, make other tapes in the same place with different settings and test what sounds come across what way if something's unclear? Then you can see if the tape you think has paranormal in it was repeated or not, and if you can replicate it or not.
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Loving the 'unicorn made of cheese'.
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