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feeling non human

Posted by daymoon , 17 September 2013 · 272 views

Im guessing I did something wrong in original post.
So Ill try it again, i wrote a book on people feeling their soul is not human. I am really interested in peoples thoughts on the theory. I have no problem with giving out copies of it.
Basically I am hoping to talk to like minded people who don't believe they are fully human, ie part reptilian, gray, fairy, or whatever the case may be.

catalyst of change
Sep 19 2013 07:14 PM
Apparently part of of the human brain is reptilian due to them purposefully mixing their genes with ours to make controlling us easier. We are having human experiences but our souls are separate in their encounters within the dimensions.
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I thought that was reptilian by a more dinosaur or snake like catagory, not actual alien reptilian.  If that were the case then wouldn't we ALL be reptilian? How do you define grays and other things?
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very interesting ive just stumbled on this, i would love a copy of your book, i have just been trying to research where the human soul is supposed to have come from considering many believe certain "aliens" are trying to "harvest" it, why if they "made" man dont they have one, thoughts anyone?
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