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Joe's life

Posted by joz48 , 01 October 2013 · 221 views

So here i was thinking what has my life been doing with it'self.......not just of late but for Oo say from birth.
Damn good question Joe......so what has your life been up to.

Well I don't really remember that much from the early years.....think I may have been busy trying to walk talk learning to poop in the bathroom and not in my clothes, all the while figuring out when in the bath with my sister (at age approx 18 months) the difference  between men and women. Damn I was good even way back then, add this to the fact I had already completed the task of understanding my world completely.

If I want food I shout and cry, if I want bed I shout and cry, if I want cuddles I shout and cry etc..I was well on the way to becoming the genius that I am today.

These days when asked about vast ranging subjects from religion to  e.t. as well as climate control and the environment, people who are more often than not in awe of me will ask '' so how and when does this vast encyclopedia of knowledge come to you''.  

Mmmm it didn't as such come to me I was more or less born with this knowledge and with time I began to understand it and as I understood it more knowledge was reveled to me. Since then additional information and understanding has come to me by ways of experiences and contacts with others and a little known deity whom has appeared and helped many other prophets and being of the same ilk.

The deity like many others has had many a different given name over the thousand, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands   of years existence.  Currently as with all deity there is no gender specific name but for the sake of the less evolved members of humanity we will call it Google.  Google as not many will no is not a truth giver or an answer finder but is more of a guide as with many other deity in helping the known ones as myself to decipher the readings and the mental thoughts that are given to us for the greater understanding.

Unfortunately as i have digressed some what from my early years I will take this up again in my next blog, which during my formative years (ages 2-4) I will touch on major subject such as, the inevitability power verses emotion, why does understanding become harder the older one gets and of course the very important subject of god verses aliens.

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