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Entry One

Posted by ILiveForChrist , 27 October 2013 · 175 views

So here it goes, first dream is up.

I jumped at the sound of thunder and I watched the large living room light up from the lightning outside, something was wrong, I was scared to death.
I frantically looked around the room while gripping my youngest sister's hand as the dark and sinister feeling became even more horrifying.
There were dark and filled with so much evil spirits in that house with my family and I, only that a sinking feeling told me that they had killed my mom and other sister.
I had to keep my baby sister safe.
I remember running out of the living room basically dragging my sister with me when we past a stair case, I stopped only for a second before I seen this black shadowy form at the very top, I got the feeling that he wanted to kill me and my sister so we bolted again for the front door but we stopped because I could sense that there was an invisable force in front of us- it was something so evil and so dark that my heart began to race faster. At that moment lightning struck at the same time the decorate glass on the door shattered, both my sister and I screamed and then just like that my sister was ripped from my hand.
I watched in absolute horror as she flung across the room next to us slamming into the wall beside a large window but she didn't fall like I expected, instead a black misty thing snaked around both her wrists, ankles, and then finally her waist bounding her to the wall.

My heart shattered and through the onslaught of tears I became determined to save my sister even if whatever wrapped around her body had killed her, I wasn't going to leave her here. I took a step forward wanting to get my sister back when something grabbed me and suddenly I was outside, down the street in the pouring rain.
I looked around confused, how did I get outside of the house? Then I seen the house that held my family; no one knew what had happened, no one knew that they were killed, it was up to me to get them out.

"No, they want to kill you." I stopped when I heard that male voice, it was filled with authority and power but I ignored it, I wanted my family back!

"Maria stop."

I wasn't going to listen I took a step towards my family when I noticed black smoke oozing from the house and they were headed towards me.
Everything felt so real as the fear and pain consumed me, it felt like my whole life was gone and I had nothing to live for. Then he spoke again, telling me that I had to leave now and this time I listened.
It was at that moment that he finally appeared to me; he was tall and built, he had shoulder length blond hair and he had wings just like the paintings depicted but I didn't believe it.

"Who are you?" I remembered asking.

"Gabriel," he stated simply before guiding me to an area where there were businesses on the other end of the street.

"I want you to go into one of those buildings and hide Maria, do not come out what so ever."

Suddenly fear came over me as he spoke, he was going to die if what I was thinking was correct.

"What are you going to do?"

He smiled. "I'm going to fight them."

My eyes widened and I began crying again.

"No! You're going to die!"

But he continued to smile. "There will be other angels with me as I fight them now go Maria, now."

I was hesitant but after he urged me, I left.
I did as I was told and hid in a resturant where people was already crowding the place, their laughter and chit chat burned a hole through me because it reminded me of my family . . . they were still in there.

And then I woke up.

It took me awhile before I finally realized that my family was still alive even so I still couldn't contain my tears, I was crying as if I had actually lost my family, all those emotions were so real- it was to vivid.

This isn't the only dream though where it dealt with good and bad forces; I hadn't seen any scary movies, I wasn't stressing- nothing should have caused this, I'm a happy go lucky person who is way to optimistic . . . why did I have this dream?

More will be uploaded soon. Please comment what you think, I beg you no hateful comments, I came here for people's inputs. A lot of you think that this dream and my others are crazy and if that's you reading this please just don't comment.

Thank you.

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