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Being stabbed in my dream

Posted by Daniellasimpson , 22 February 2014 · 691 views

Last night I had the most terrifying dream I was sat in a theatre hall with my fiancÚ and friends and a lady off the stage asked me to be part of this play I said sure all of a sudden I was whisked off behind the stage and stripped it was strange I got on stage and this other man grabbed me stabbed me in my side and then in my leg then through my head it wAs weird in the dream it was hurting but it was fake fake blood everything like people wasn't bothered they loved the play they thought it was great but why wAs I feeling like this why was it hurting while I was getting stabbed and why would it hurt if it was fake I'm confused and need reassuring I'm scared to go sleep and re live that dream I was crying this morning when I woke up and can't sleep

You'll be ok, promise. I once had a dream where a scarecrow stabbed me with a pitchfork...it was the most painful thing I can imagine, and I suspect it may have only been a toned down version of the real feeling. Sometimes your brain just likes to screw around with you while you sleep to keep you on your toes, it can't be helped :/ but hopefully, it won't happen again for a while!
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