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My visit to alien star - not an abduction - on my own will.... believe it or not..its true..

Posted by pariyaniv , 22 February 2014 · 805 views

alien star visit indore mp india
My visit to alien star - not an abduction - on my own will.... believe it or not..its true.. Its not a story it is truth.

Some smart question pops up why this time after many years and why not when it had happened? My reply in simple words is that it was due to a promise which alien (I respectfully call him “Baba”) took from each one of us individually that nobody will disclose any facts or events happened ever in life.

Then you will say why you are disclosing now? My answer is that at that time I was child and honestly told Baba (the said alien) that I cannot keep secrets in my life but tell me how to remember this fascinating story in my life, once you keep me in promise bound situation. He admired and said okay I will temporarily wipe out all memories and you will be able to recall it very slowly later in your life when you will be old enough.

Now I am 57 yrs. and  my conscious tells me to disclose the truth of abduction, sorry abduction by aliens on “my will”.

I was around 12  years old when I was playing at my rented house at 7, Khatipura Road, Jail Road, Indore, MP, India. Somebody was talking to other person, which I overheard that “you know some other planet’s people have arrived at Phooti Kothi road (a distant place of about 10 Kms) in jungle and they have invited all children to take them to their planet in their other world. I was neither knowledgeable nor expert enough to understand what other planets mean and whether going with them is risky or not. Since it was a free travel, I decided to go.

I prepared myself wearing old shirt and pyjama and put shoes on and walk along the way towards so called jungle area near Phooti Kothi.

I was told that they will leave after 2 days. I was not knowing whether 2 days were over or not now. Still I dared to go.

It was late evening when I reached, as I had started on the next day morning when I overheard the persons talking about aliens.

When I reached the jungle area, I was so much tired and was not able to walk but still went slowly further and further into the bushes.

Very far I saw some lights, and when walked a lot to reach nearby it. It was a round shaped, very big round vessel on the ground. Then I heard some voices of children and observed that they were heading towards that ship in a queue. I was far away to reach them immediately so that I can join them. I started but found that it will be too late as now I saw the last person seen going inside was tall alien. I tried a lot but could not get closer enough and saw that the ship’s lights getting intense and it was lifting up slowly. I ran towards it, but no use. It started moving up and up – more and farther away. Suddenly it started floating above - over my head - up to its journey.

Now I was very much distressed and felt sorry for not reaching in time and jealous at the children who got in. I was actually not angry and disturbed as to why they have not taken me, as I already knew that I was late to reach, but only to realize that now I will have to go back again 10 kms. to home, and more so when too much tired already. Now I was very much angry upon myself as well on ship flying above my head.

In anger, I picked up a stone and threw it towards the ship with full power. I knew nothing can happen to it as it will never reach to harm it.

I started to go back and turned back to take the path to reach on main road after crossing the jungle area as soon as possible, that suddenly I saw that the ship was coming back and started hovering above - over my head. I was astonished and frightened as it was sounding too much. Its nearness was horrible and sound deafening. Suddenly some light came from it towards the ground and then on to me and I was engulfed into it. I suddenly gripped into unconsciousness and body got numbed. What I can recall till now is that my body was floating upwards and my eyes open but could not see anything. I somehow realized that I was picked up by the ship’s aliens.

My unconsciousness was so heavy that I cannot imagine its power, as when I woke up I was still tired and sleepy.

I was being pinned on both sides with some object being touched to my body repeatedly. When I saw two boys, both aliens, were trying to wake me up. I asked why they are not allowing me to sleep, they said Baba is calling you. I without giving any ear to their words kept sleeping back but they again tortured me and I had to slap one of them and he fell down. The other boy aimed some torch like object towards me and I felt some type of current as punishment. (Now I can guess and confirm that it was nothing but “taser gun” – as seen in many vids nowadays). It’s a latest gun to control mob or any violent person, without harming much can release current like waves on the object or body.

Then they both tried to take me away. When I saw down, I saw some porous flooring, uneven and shining white. I could not walk as it was uneven and having holes at many places. I refused to walk as I was frightened my leg will ditch in any one of the holes.  They fired their gun again and I fell down. Then they both holding my hands carried and shouldered me to walk.

When they took me to Baba, who was sitting in a kind of hall on a chair type high ground, was smiling at me. I still remember his face with smile on his small head, big eyes, and thin body and height in comparison to boys - very tall. I complained him about behavior of boys who tortured me. He said no need to speak words, just say by mind. I tried and he understood it. He said since you were not obeying them, hence they had to behave like that, but its alright now they will not harm you any more.

Other children were also there, including me now, had to attend what he was telling us telepathically without uttering a word..

I could remember he was mostly on the subject of stars and its situations in the cosmos. I was failed to understand a single word what he was telling. Anyway, then he started asking what we learnt in the school till now. On my turn I said I know tables upto 10. When I repeated, he said it is not table its only addition table. Actual table which you should remember is multiplication of a figure upto 10 times and so on, till you are able to recall it. He gave example like 3, 9, 27, 81 and so on. There was a lot of study material guided by him, which I cannot remember as it was not of my taste. Then he started asking each one of us what we wanted to learn. I wondered how he will teach each one on different subjects of our liking and only telepathically without opening his mouth. But he did well, I guess.

After some time we were allowed to walk into open. It was a again a big hall type area which was covered with fencing and after the round fencing there were stairs like a stadium. Now I can make up that it was kind of a little stadium surrounded with stairs on which people sit and watch what is happening in ground.

In between the ground there was a pond filled up with blue liquid substance, dark and thick. I asked what is this, they said it is your food, go inside it and drink as much you can. Then when I asked where is bathroom, he said you can go anywhere even in the pond. I said how it is possible, he said it is eatable and reusable even after your discharge inside it. I wondered how it can be possible. By this time the arena was filled up with similar type of aliens, men, women, children. I remember children were a lot.

I was afraid of water or pond like things, but saw other many persons inside it. Somebody crying somebody drinking and swimming into it. Still I could not dare to go inside. By sitting outside I drank the blue substance picked up cupping both hands’ palms together. it was less tasty than icecream. But knowing that there will be no earthlike food here, i drank a lot.

I saw that around us on the stairs, outside the fencing the other aliens were laughing and talking to each other pointing at us.

I felt as if I should go for latrine but seeing that around so many alien persons, I could not dare and hold my stomach tight and avoided feeling to go to release.

Then walked into the inside area of the place which you can say was holding some kind of rooms. Totally vacate and full of bad smell. No where it was a finished surface, like tiles, flooring etc. but only porous walls that too natural like a rock.

When I was fed up fully, I wished to sit with the children in the arena above us. I started going towards gap in the fence and tried to climb it to reach other side so as I can enjoy with other alien children, as at the same time I saw a girl type alien among them and if compared with others – she was beautiful, no doubt. She attracted me. But to my astonishment, the girl started screaming after seeing me coming towards her, and suddenly some guard type boys came and pushed me back and I fell down on the ground and hurt. The girl started screaming again and talking loudly to guards. Then what I saw was again astonishing that they were being asked to arrest me and take away.

Here my memory fades and hardly remember what exactly went wrong. But I made up now that since they took this incidence as girl-teasing, they arrested me. Then what I remember is a long journey to their city. Now I realize that we were kept very far away from their city in a remote area. When we entered into city they took me to a kind of jail and put a hood type cover on my head so that I cannot see their city or layout of jail etc. I remember I was kept with fellow jail-mates who knew my language (astonishing really). Over my hood I could not see them but somebody was giving me advise as to I should not have done anything wrong, as other persons who committed little crime even are still jailed there and never would go to earth planet back to home. I was cursing myself – but I did nothing. Then It went like this that in a kind of court - some alien was shouting and alleging that this type of act itself is a crime in their community (he meant laws of the earth – where eves-teasing is crime). Then what I remember is that I had pleaded and urged them to call the alien baba. After that I donot know what happen but what I remember is that I was brought back to the camp where we were first kept as host – no doubt it was due to major support and bail or guarantee given by alien baba for my bad act or crime as per their law.

Rest what happened I cannot remember.

Later part I can remember was that Baba was asking us what you remembered from the lecture. I asked no books are there then how to study. He said okay, he will print it on my mind so that you can read and try to remember it. I remember it was very clear on my mind what was written and I could understand it, without having language power. I do not remember which language it was, but I was busy in remembering the table (multiplications).

Lastly I remember I was asked to sit and was bound with belt. Baba asked me to continue my studies and close yes, and warned not to open. I pretended some time and later on when I opened eyes, thinking that he would have gone now, and I can see around where and why I am tied with belt and for what, suddenly I saw him at a little farther distance (enough distant than he was near to me before) with an alien lady (similar to him but taller than him) and they both were checking us and verifying as to see that we are seated back properly or not. Actually the lady alien was commanding Baba and he was verifying what he was told to do. Looking at Baba, I instantly closed my eyes and started reading my mind’s book and tried to remember the table. I realized before closing eyes that he was smiling as to say he knew what mischief I was doing.

Then again unconsciousness dipped in and do not know whether I slept or what. In the midway some voice sounded like on loudspeaker, that look on your side window to see …..the planet. Which planet I cannot remember.

Then what I remember was that two aliens holding my hands and shoulder as I was little unconscious grabbed me and took at the same place where the ship had picked me up lastly. I was back to earth on the same ground and jungle area.

I could not see them going back or the ship flying back, due to sleepiness.

I recalled that I was standing there for hours without moving and when it was a day-light, I saw that I was still not able to move and prayed God that somebody should see me by chance. But after hours, I could see two persons going on a bicycle far away. I tried to yell to draw their attention but with very low voice. But somehow they saw me and came closer to me and asked what I was doing there. I lied to them that I was lost and please take me to my home as I am sick and cannot move. They lifted me and put me on backseat of the bicycle. They were abusing me as I should know how dangerous the jungle part is. I kept silence with bowed head.

I remember next is that I slept a lot at my home and mother was asking where the hell I was for so much time. May be days or hours, cannot remember.

When I woke up, I found my pyjama stained and wet - in blue colour as if I have p***ed on in it. I was failed to realise what had happend to me ever. No memories at all.

I immediately ran outside and went to place where we used to go for toilet. I p***ed for about 15 minutes – I was wondering why I am not finished as yet?. This I am sure took long time to finish p***ing. I was p***ing so profusedly that the gutter which was watery had became fully blue till I finished. I am damn sure that I did not go for p***ing or latrine when I was with aliens on their plant as I had controlled myself from releaseing. Now I am sure that It was the same substance which I drank a lot to feed myself.

I was frightened as to why this is happening to me – lot of blue thing coming out . Am I suffering from any disease or what? But next day it was not like that and I was normal in daily routine.

After that I could not recall this whole episode for years together.

Now and then after 1990s I could recall a bit by bit events slowly but could not join them in order as to what happened first, so that I can write it or explain to somebody. Always failed in all attempts – and even if I tried to attempt to write down or say somebody - I recalled the promise which I  had given to Baba that  I will not tell anybody anything.

Years passed without giving any importance to this story but when saw so many alien abduction stories on the websites  and youtube, I felt to dare it write down.

Now I am at the age of 55 and working in Abu Dhabi, UAE (pariyaniv@yaho.com), have had a temptation to write down whatever I could, so as I can store the fair memories of Baba – The alien. His wordings were very clear that - you will recall when you will become older, and a very few will believe your story. It has proved, very true.

Yes last thing, two years back when I was searching web for alien and UFOs I could  saw a photograph of an alien lying on stretcher after autopsy – dead - and its face was purely resembling to “Baba”. I wept down.

I missed you my respected Baba.

This story is not to claim anything nor to avail any fame,  but I wish to share with similar experience-holders, if they agree with the facts which I have encountered there. May be those who had visited aliens’ star have had a little different experience, but a few facts may be in connivance, I am sure.

Invite your valuable comments (sincere and honest).

My true story. Sorry not story the facts of lncidence happened in my lifetime.
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