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Posted by , 12 July 2005 · 55 views

I'd like to relate an incident which happened over last weekend if i may.

I went away for the weekend to plan and train for the upcoming semester for a Christian youth group that I help run.  We found cheap accomodation up on the coast at a Christian campsite.

The thing that I found interesting though was that upon arrival we were warned not once, not twice, but three times by the owners that the fences were electrified and that we shouldn't try to touch them.

So the question that is obviously jumping around in my head is WHY?  Why would a Christian campsite need to electrify their borders.  The most innocent (and probably correct) answer that I've thought of is that it's to keep wild animal's out of the venue.

But I couldn't help but think that we were in essence prisoners there.  I wonder, if I'd decided to act in any way contrary to how they deemed "appropriate", would they have let me leave without trying an exorcism or attempting to reprogram me or some other such nonsense?  I certainly got the fundamentalist vibe from some of the owners of the camp.

As I said, it's probably innocent, but strange none-the-less.

All the best,

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