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#6 - Who knows his self? #7 - Song of my soul;

Posted by Paranoid Android , 10 September 2013 · 389 views

dedicated to my father
Following the new direction of my blog has been more difficult than expected, especially moving into an area with  poor internet coverage and therefore only posting when the circumstances allow. But as always good things come to those who wait, and below are the next couple of poems promised...

Who Knows His Self?

Writer, painter, sculptor,
Each one himself expresses.

I do not know a sculptor,
Nor a painter,
But I know when I write, I bare my soul,
(To myself at least);
For then I see myself more clearly,
Can see my faults, my sins and hopes.
So... whoever reads my lines
Sees me as I see myself:
But bear in mind--
No one sees oneself complete,
Nor always truthfully...

"We hide from ourselves"
Someone once said...

Song of my Soul

Who keeps my heart, my soul?
Who guards the gate of Love?
Is it I,
Or is it what I fear to see,
Lest Truth destroy my dream?

I song of my soul, my heart...
What dreams do I dream?
If only a Solomon
Could split my heart in twain
To reach the answer there.

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