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Update-Reptalian Alien Experience 2003-at 16-17 years old.

Posted by McKenna , 10 February 2013 · 908 views
reptalian alien
Update-Reptalian Alien Experience 2003-at 16-17 years old. Hi everybody,

I just wanted to give you an update on a experience that I had many years ago. I knew that I experienced an encounter with a being not of this world. I know I wasn't dreaming what so ever. And unfortunatly it took years for me to get proof of this so that I could tell you about this. I was talking to a psychic online about my alien...


My Little Rose

Posted by McKenna , 22 May 2011 · 263 views
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My Little Rose

By: McKenna Elise Adams

I see your eyes crying

I see your heart fading

I see your life dying

My little rose

You are smiling

Now your are crying

I hear joy within your voice

Now I see you cry again

My little rose cry no more

I'll wipe your tears away

I know that tommorrow is a brand new day

The darkness won't...

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