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It's been so long

Posted by LizFL , 23 July 2010 · 114 views

Hello And Good Evening. Another day has passed, hmmmm. Just getting closer and closer to the big 3-0. Less than 3 months. And I am just now starting this whole college thing. Not that I regret it, best choice I think I've made to date, but it's tough. Chemistry is very interesting, but so much to remember. This fall will be some serious work for me. I should be done in a couple of semesters. Which is good, then I can get out of Florida and transfer to a place to get my bachelors. I really want to go to Montana, but silly as it sounds, I am kind of afraid of being too close to Yellowstone. Though better than Florida if 2012 makes bad stuff. I'd rather die instantly in an explosion than have those few seconds of agony while the Atlantic crushes me and makes my internal organs implode.
  Still with the boyfriend. I don't know where that is going. He isn't ever going to move with me, evacuate in case of emergency, hell, go out on a week night. I am at a very unique time in  my life. I'm getting my second chance to make things right. A little late, but I am not passing it up! I love him, but I feel like he is holding me back.
  As for important things, the gulf oil spill is always on my mind. I am so worried that it is going to play it's part in the end of times. I am afraid for my family as well as myself. I am afraid for everyone, but those I hold dear, I don't want them to suffer. Hopefully the situation will be cleaned up as soon as possible. One can hope.

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