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Posted by LizFL , 01 August 2010 · 163 views

I feel so invisible. You already know about my boyfriend. I've ranted about him enough, but my family too. Yesterday, I decided to drop in on mom. Not home, sisters car is in driveway. I call mom. Her, sisters husband and sister are on their way to the beach. Did they call me? No? Do I love the beach? Yes! Does sister love the beach? Heck No! Does sisters husband love the beach? Heck no! So now mom is telling me about their happy beach outing, and I express disappointment on not being invited, so says, "Yeah, I didn't know if you would be busy, so I didn't call" Ok, well, how are you supposed to know if I am busy if you don't call? Also, you know as a student, it is pretty much traditional to have Saturdays off! Ok, so I say yes, I will meet them at the beach, they tell me general area they will be in, and mom says for me to call her when I arrive and she will pick me up (beach driving area, but I don't have a pass or the money to spend in one). So I am within 5 min of parking lot. I call mom. Mom doesn't answer. I call sister, she doesn't answer either. I also get her husbands voice mail. Despite telling me to call, they all left phones in the car and went swimming. So I get there, park, pack up my stuff and embark on a journey to sift through the thousands of people on miles of beach. Luckily, they were fairly close to the parking lot. I did find them a lot easier than expected. But still, it's not like they were trying to avoid me, it's like they forgot about me, repeatedly. whats up with that?
  I just feel like more and more my friends and family forget about my existence.

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