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Lost again

Posted by LizFL , 29 June 2011 · 295 views

I'm afraid to say, my boyfriend of 3 years 7 months broke things off with me. He says he needs to be alone. I wish I knew what I do in relationships that is so horrible. I try, I try so hard. I don't get it. I am so devastated.

Jun 30 2011 11:07 AM
Why he needs to be alone?
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I don't usually comment on blogs, but something about yours struck me. I'm really sorry to hear about your former boyfriend. But I think he might have been holding you back. You said so yourself in an earlier post. If you want to follow your dream to Montana, then go. Any man that cares about you will follow. Geology is a lot like my major, fisheries science; you have to go where the jobs take you. You only get one life. You were given a second chance to go back to college; use that to fulfill your dreams, as corny as it may sound. I don't know you, and you don't me, but I hope something I said will be able to help you. Good night.
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