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Posted by LizFL , 11 September 2011 · 253 views

First off, My thoughts are with the families, and everyone affected by Sept 11th. I think in the scope of things, this world has so many issues, problems, tragedies, and hate that my problems are very minute.
I also think of the strangers that banded together. The people who made the ultimate sacrifice, and the way we came together as a nation. I still remember that day. I wont ever forget. I went into work late because I had a doctors appointment. I remember sitting in the lobby of my doctors office, with the news on. We didnt know then it was an attack. We didn't know then our lives were going to change. By the time I got to work, the second plane had hit. I missed all of that because I was in with my doctor and then driving to work. I walked in and one of my co-workers asked if I had heard. I didnt know yet how big this was. Then she pointed to the tv (we had just gotten a tv in our office waiting room). Most of our customers didn't leave. By the time the first tower fell, we had more people around the TV than customers waiting to be served. We didn't know yet. We didn't know about the firefighters, or the people jumping. By the time I left work that day, even the coldest of us had cried. We all wore our pins, our "proud to be American" shirts for months. When did we stop? Why did we stop? I am sitting here crying even at the moment. Time didn't make it any less tragic. About a year later (not on the anniversary, but close). My mom and I went to NYC. That is back when even after a year, there was dust still. You could walk around the fence and see flowers and gifts that loved ones had left. There was no getting close to ground zero, but there was a walkway you could go on and see it. We cried again. We cried when the scope of it hit us again. We wore our flag pins... but once again, somewhere down the road we stopped. Now days, once a year I still wear my pin on this day. Why did we stop wearing them everyday?
  I gotta stop talking about this now.

Sep 11 2011 02:58 PM
I just read your blog and i really connect with it i would love an update on the goings about of your life and whats changed :) pm me if your ever need a friend we have alot in common :) xx
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