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Posted by LizFL , 17 November 2009 · 189 views

Ok, so back in the house I moved out of. This time with the boyfriend. Still working at the same place and barely making bills. still trudging along at school one class at a time. So tired of life. I mean, I've got a great family, a great love life, a roof over my head, and a job. but there is no adventure. no spark. I am hopeless. even food, I get so...


need help please!

Posted by LizFL , 24 July 2009 · 93 views

Ok, so, I was renting my house for a while, couldnt keep up with the bills, so my boyfriend had me move in with him and his brother for minimal rent. now, here is the problem... while my boyfriend and I are a team, I am downright fed up with his brother. I cook, clean and do a bunch of house work (mowing lawn, dishes, etc). In addition, my boyfriend and I...


Just updates

Posted by LizFL , 16 September 2008 · 62 views

Well lets see... nothing in particular to blog about, just wanted to update you all. Lets see, still working in the deli, but still trying for a county or city job. school is going well... not superb (it is math ya know), but I am passing with a wide margin of error. In fact, go a class tonight... between work and school I am keeping pretty busy. makes me...



Posted by LizFL , 01 August 2008 · 100 views

So he kinda sorta asked me to move in with him... It was more of a "If your house falls through" (I've been waiting almost 4 months for a closing with no date in sight...), "Maybe you would want to move in here?"
Cool!! Though I dunno if making him dinner 2 nights in a row and then breakfast the third day had anything to do...


My View On Humor

Posted by LizFL , 26 July 2008 · 185 views

Everyone, somewhere deep inside has a sense of humor. It's all just what we personally think is funny. It's easy to fake a laugh, but very hard to supress one. I also think that it's all in the delivery for the funny person... if a stand up comedian were to deliver on the same exact dialouge in a monotone voice with no expression, s/he would not...


My secret blog

Posted by LizFL , 10 April 2008 · 52 views

I just realized, I don't think anyone I know in real life knows about this blog. I can write virtually anything here... in a cramped life with no privacy, that is so refreshing. I know, it's a public blog, but no one I know knows about it. I don't mind if you all do. I want your opinions, imput, and all that stuff, I was just thinking it's...


I'm still here

Posted by LizFL , 19 January 2008 · 91 views

Hello after many months my UM friends. I just wanted to make a quick post and let you all know I am still here... I haven't been online much, between work, a bit of a social life, and (get this) School (yup, I went back !!), I haven't had much time for anything but just emails. Lets see, My divorce was finalized on 1/03. Ok, that nastiness...


It's been a while

Posted by LizFL , 20 April 2007 · 69 views

I havent forgotten you. My friends here. I am grateful for you and did not mean to ignore you for so long. What can I put as an update? I am living with my parent in the states again. I am working as a caretaker for my grandmother, and I am the family gofer. My sister will be getting married in two weeks time. No papers have come through on my divorce. I...



Posted by LizFL , 13 September 2006 · 82 views

10 times tonight he kissed me (yes, I counted)
14 times tonight he told me he loves me (counted this too)
5 times tonight he held my hand (yep, this too)
Countless times we laughed
Countless times we smiled
COuntless times we smiled while looking in eachothers eyes

All infront of friends we went to dinner with. Friends who know what is happening.



tears still falling

Posted by LizFL , 12 September 2006 · 70 views

Well, He has not reconsidered, not that I expected him to. We are being extremely civil, almost like this is the best moment of out marriage. For a man that has avoided phsical intimacy for the past 2 years, he has been wanting and recieving many times. I do not know if it is that he thinks it will make me feel better, or if he is afraid he will not get any...

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