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nightmare of life

Posted by LizFL , 09 September 2006 · 35 views

He told me today he wants a divorce. things have been rocky for a while, but I didnt think it would come this soon. He no longer loves me. He feels our lives are moving in differnet directions. I want to crawl in a hole and die about now. Of course, since I live on another continet from my family, this is going to take a little time in planning. That makes...


boycott iams - animal cruelty

Posted by LizFL , 08 August 2006 · 50 views

http://www.bdnhumane...iamscruelty.htm (this one has a video. lightly-graphic, but heart breaking)

Iams has done some horrible things to animals, from driving them insane by leaving them in dungeon like confinement, to letting them be sick with...


pretty rainbow

Posted by LizFL , 02 August 2006 · 64 views


ok, where's the pot of gold?


Finally GOne

Posted by LizFL , 19 July 2006 · 38 views

These are the little buggers that have been giving me problems. I'm telling you, from the pain I'm in now, it better be worth it!!

Yep, those are all 4 of my wisdom teeth which were extracted this morning. It didnt hurt at the time, but the shot of novicane in the roof of my mouth sure did!



Posted by LizFL , 17 July 2006 · 64 views

ahhh.... I've got a hot cup of coffee, and the internet at my home finally. So nice. it still doesnt work quite right, but hey, It's better than nothing.
So, I went to dental sick call today. My wisdom teeth are finally coming out!!!! I've gotta call tomorrow for an appointment with the oral surgeon, but after all these years,...



Posted by LizFL , 21 June 2006 · 62 views

well, I made it to germany good, and so did the puppies. I am on a library computer, so I dont have much time. but things are well, and I should get my stuff soon and I'll post some pics


see you all in a few months!

Posted by LizFL , 08 May 2006 · 63 views

Well, the movers are here, and gonna be packing up the computer really soon. so it'll probably be a few months before it is delivered. I am gonna try to pop on here and there at the base, but we will see. So good luck and I look foward to catching up with you all!!


getting down to crunch time

Posted by LizFL , 07 May 2006 · 42 views

I am so ready to just throw my hands up and say screw it all. I'm starting to get stressed bad. within a week of me quitting dennys, we are already hurting for money. We just found out that it's gonna cost $2000 or so to fly my dogs to germany because airlines stop taking pets on May 15th because the cargo hold would be too hot. So we are going...


slept late

Posted by LizFL , 26 April 2006 · 56 views

Wow. I slept till 5pm today. no reason, I am not sick, I was not drunk last night. just a strange fluke I guess. Tomorrow I start my last workweek. I've started taking pictures. I'm not gonna miss work, but I will my friends. Oh, we ended up going with the spider web thing


Lab Coat Contest

Posted by LizFL , 22 April 2006 · 55 views

Well, at work frank is in a contest to see who can decorate a lab coat the best. Kind of cool, but guess who gets stuck with it!! I was thinking of making a jeweled spiderweb running down the back and arms... any ideas would be appreciated
Busy day at work. I'm pooped!
Oh, and I FINALLY passed my overseas screening!! Germany here I come!

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