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Purplos' Spelunking Expedition


PW Revisited

Posted by Purplos , 02 October 2013 · 193 views

I believe in reincarnation. I believe my son is the reincarnation of my mother's father. Just laying out the 'facts' so the rest makes sense.

My son is 15 now and hasn't said anything about his past life in a very long time. (He did semi-regularly up until about age 4.) He started writing a story the other day and named the main character...



Posted by Purplos , 27 July 2009 · 170 views

I have come to believe that people who make sweeping generalizations about groups of people have very small minds.

They must be small, since they are incapable of entertaining an infinite number of possibilities of character, belief and attitude. Indeed, they are incapable of entertaining even a small multiple of possibilities.

Generalization pisses me...



Posted by Purplos , 26 May 2009 · 149 views

LOTR Meets the Muppets


Picking Daisies

Posted by Purplos , 18 July 2008 · 196 views

Cup of icy lemonade in hand, I stopped in the living room for a perusal of the front garden on the way back to work at my computer. There was a woman and a little boy staring at the flowers in the garden.

This happens a lot. No worries. The gardens are lovely.

So I stand there, sipping my lemony goodness, and watch them pointing and chatting about this...


Denial of an Insurance Claim

Posted by Purplos , 04 February 2008 · 175 views

Notherworld Insurance Group
1337 Far Fara Way
Sometown, Notherworld, 0U812

Dear Mr. Madison,

In regard to your recent request for insurance compensation for your unfortunate accident, we regret to deny your claim. We at Notherworld Insurance Group are aware that your 1992 Ford was, indeed, totaled in the altercation...


Blurg-hopping Schnitzle Buggers

Posted by Purplos , 24 January 2008 · 144 views


I'm in a pissy mood.

There are three (types of) people I cannot stand:

1) People who feel sorry for me and gush about "Oh, poor you...."

2) People who think self-employed means lots of free time to do whatever THEY want.

3) My father (who is very closely tied to #2)


This neighbor........


You know what pisses me off?

Posted by Purplos , 17 December 2007 · 90 views

Fiction writers who post their work in public, looking for comments, and then get nasty if you do anything less than give them a b-j for their adolescent ramblings.

John walked into the room. He was six foot two and muscular. He saw Muffy and thought she was beautiful. She had long blonde hair and big green eyes. He walked up to her and kissed...


The Ham Sammitch Man - Chapter One

Posted by Purplos , 19 November 2007 · 118 views

I should have known what I was getting myself into.

I should have been more careful.

It all started innocently enough, an invitation for lunch at a local diner. I had a turkey sub, hold the onions. He had a ham sandwich.

Four weeks later we were living together in a little apartment with a leaky faucet in the kitchen and drafty windows. Was it love? ...


Creeping Rivulets of Green Slime...

Posted by Purplos , 08 November 2007 · 150 views

....is oozing out of most of my bodily orifices.

Except the ones that would be REALLY gross to have green slime oozing out of.

I've been sick for a week. My kids are sick. Besided the green slime issues, I am totally and utterly POOPED. (Although I hate that term.)

Doesn't help that it's November and I'm trying to do NaNoWriMo. ...


Am I Feral?

Posted by Purplos , 25 October 2007 · 118 views

This isn't meant as a complaint or a "woe-is-me" whimper or anything like that... really. My life is just fine, thanks.

I think I might be feral - you know, like those kids raised by wolves. Not that I growl a lot and eat raw meat...

I have no social skills... I guess. It always strikes me odd that people talk to friends on the phone...

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