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PW Revisited

Posted by Purplos , 02 October 2013 · 187 views

I believe in reincarnation. I believe my son is the reincarnation of my mother's father. Just laying out the 'facts' so the rest makes sense.

My son is 15 now and hasn't said anything about his past life in a very long time. (He did semi-regularly up until about age 4.) He started writing a story the other day and named the main character with the same first name and very slightly different last name than my grandfather's name. When he showed me his first few paragraphs he said, "It's kinda a story about me, I think, if I worked on a ship." and then went on to tell me about other aspects of his planned story. My grandfather worked on a ship.

Of course I'm not putting this forth as proof of reincarnation or anything. It's just one of those tiny things that spark in my mind as curious synchronicity.  Even if my son isn't reincarnated, etc., it is interesting.

In other news... the government shut-down sucks 'cause my sister and her husband just took a week long package trip to the national parks out west.. which are now closed. I can't imagine what they will do with the group and kinda hope they get a partial refund at least.

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