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Posted by Beckys_Mom , 31 December 2005 · 144 views

Why is it when a guy asks a girl out, she rejects him and he replies - It's your loss!! - When it's really their loss as it where them that just got a big fat NO THANKS!! happy.gif

Why is it when a girl that likes to dress up like a tart (dogs dinner in many cases) not leaving much to the imagination, that when a guy makes his move on her she cries out that she is not that kind of girl and he should back off?

Why do people (speaking in general of course) like to make others think they are all that, by acting the b*tch/jerk, when they have their pic taken they MUST screw their faces up to try and look smug, when they brag a lot about things that don't really matter, when they have to lower the tone in nearly every conversation both on line and in real life...are they hiding somehting??

Why are men attracted by mean smut like girls..and women attracted to mean smut like guys?...Is it too much of a challenge to go after someone with a bit of class?

Why do men think that size matters? (this could mean a number of things)

Why do people like to take drugs, when you can just as easy get off your face with drink?

Why do girls think that if they have sex with a guy on the 1st date they think that the guy will respect them?

Why do some partners complain when you are part of a forum/chat site that you don't spend enough time with them, and the sec you do, they completely ignore you anyway!! blink.gif

Why is it that in some horror flicks such as Friday the 13th parts 1, 2, 3, 4 ,5, ect Halloween movies and others like them, you see the victims either having sex then bam they are killed by either Micheal or Jason....why is it that when you see a victim run like the hammers and you see either Michael or Jason walking ever so slowly behind them and all of a suden the victim fall to the ground, and within a sec there is Michael or Jason right next to them and in goes the knife!!! blink.gif

Another thing about Friday the 13th Movies - How come the charater Jason died as a boy in the Lake, yet comes back as a 6ft+ man that looks as though he has had a great workout? blink.gif

Cause life sucks and people are stupid.
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Answer to question 1
Duh, the girl is missing the chance to get to know such a wonderful guy. Therefore HER LOSS.

Question 2
Cause a girl/woman that dresses like "that" is trouble. Leave her alone, dont mess with her. BTW STD's are just one of your problems.

Question 3
They are trying to hide theur IQ.

Question 4
Im sure you didnt go for the smutt-like" man. Only the 95-percentile person do that.

Question 5
Bit ambiguous, bit im sure you would agree in some instances that size does count.

Question 6
Ever had sex while you are drunk? I hear it kills millions of brain cells as a result of overload (calcium-influx). But it is still fun isnt it, justt like drugs.

Question 7
Damn is that what the majority of ggirls think, you SLUTS.

Question 8 9 and 10
Goood questions but they dont interest me -_-

Just my 2cents
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QUOTE(Hehe @ Jan 15 2006, 08:38 PM)

Answer to question 1
Duh, the girl is missing the chance to get to know such a wonderful guy. Therefore HER LOSS.

Just my 2cents

What makes him a wonderful guy..if she hasn't gotten to know him, for all she knows he could be a creep, an idiot and so on so when she says NO..meaning NO..it's his loss cuz it was him that asked and was intrested not her happy.gif

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QUOTE(Beckys_Mom @ Jan 16 2006, 04:14 AM)

What makes him a wonderful guy..

Thats it.. you will never know. He might've been a creep or the best thing to ever happen to you or in between, thing is you will never know. Dont bust your nu.. uh boo uh... dont worry about it too much, guys just say it to make girls think twice (like you did) and make themselves feel a little better.
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I know they say it to make themselves feel better LOL...I just laugh when they say it

I have had a few say it to me in the past when I was just simply not intrested..at the time I was not bothered about dating...I was too busy ect...but when I heard a guy tell me it was my loss..I burst out laughing and replied...no that would make it your loss...you where the one rejected mate w00t.gif If I want a date i'll get one easy..but right now I don't!!!
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