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Walking Rule Book

Posted by Beckys_Mom , 07 January 2006 · 120 views


Do you follow every rule according to the Bible and fear if you don't you may not get into heaven?

At work - You are aware of the rules within your working enviorment even if they sound silly - do you abide by them and play by the rule book?

Do you follow your own rules? Can you think for yourself? Or do you try and keep with in the rules but bend a few as you go along?

Personally I believe that some rules where meant to be broken ...but within reason.

IMO if you are at work and you do everything by the book even if it sounds silly and at home or at church wherever you go...do you follow the rules within the bible to keep yourself right or what you believe is right?...IMO you don't have much controll of your own mind. ph34r.gif


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