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Twas cold in the water.

Posted by EDW74 , 13 January 2006 · 47 views

Well, I'm back and an even bigger idiot than ever.

A story if you will.......

Twas cold in the water,
I'd wished it was hotter,
When I jumped into the pool,
I was cold and wet,
said what the heck,
And "Man I feel like a fool"

We did various tasks,
What they were, please don't ask,
My fingers went numb, my toes too,
I was feeling alive,
Whilst I did Scuba dive,
And my lips were a turning light blue,

Now "Why?" you might say,
"did you do it that day"
It was dumb I will have to agree,
But think of the fun,
in the florida sun,
When I dive with a manatee.

My wife's done this before,
Both from boats and from shore,
And I though it would be fun to learn,
Now I dive down to see fish,
But oh! how I wish,
It'd been hot enough to get a sun - burn!

Ok, now in all seriousness, Went on monday and tues to the pool, then on thursday morning went to a lake and dove. Water was about 56 - 58 degrees. It sucked. I really didn't think it was that bad when I was in the water, but when I got out I was freezin.

Only one class to go, then I'll be a certified open water diver, good for me. Wish me luck, I'll need it.

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