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I'm now a certified idiot!

Posted by EDW74 , 15 January 2006 · 49 views

Ok, so I froze my (expletive deleted) off in a cold lake for 2 days (Told you I was an Idiot!) thumbup.gif and now I'm a certified PADI open water diver.  thumbsup.gif  Great news for me.  


I've jumped out of airplanes, walked 30 miles, blown things up, (hey I was in the Army for 8 yrs). Slept in the mud, been eaten up by countless mosquitos. I figured one more thing I can go do to have fun wouldn't hurt. Hey I'm a guy who didn't learn to roller blade (Skate) till I was 25yrs old.  laugh.gif  Proof positive that you're never too old to learn something new. Not doin too bad for a Kid from the projects outside of Pittsburgh.  tongue.gif .

Got the plan for this trip to Florida changed a little, we're going to try to hit three dive spots, and get 3 dives per site in bounce.gif . Instead of staying in hotels we've decided to camp out, tents and such during the trip. It's 12 hours from where I live to where I'm goin crying.gif . I hate really long drives.

We've got plans to go to the Flower Gardens Wildlife Sanctuary in the gulf o' mexico later this year, but my better half is working out those details. Maybe we'll get lucky and see some whale sharks, or eagle rays, possibly some other types of sharks too. notworthy.gif

While diving today we did see some bluegill (brill if you're form the south, sunfish in other parts of the country) and some pretty big ones. None that'd be a record mind you, but it's cool when you swim up to a fish and they don't run away. thumbsup.gif

What else?

The 20th is rapidly approaching, keep your eyes peeled for my review of Underworld: Evolution. Also I should be running my own Column here soon in the Columns section of the web site.  notworthy.gif

On a sadder note, my wife broke her nose at work tonight crying.gif . She's got the worst luck.

Just a piece of advice on Scuba diving; it's a great sport, that will never get boring, the world's 2/3 water and most of it's diveable. I will throw in a word of caution, it's also an expensive pastime (spelled correctly?) unsure.gif . But like much else in life, you'll get out of it what you put into it. Like I said, if I can do it, anyone can, and I'm an Idiot!

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