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The idiot went to Florida!

Posted by EDW74 , 19 February 2006 · 93 views

Ok so I been back from FL for a few weeks now. Posted pics from the trip on my webpage

Click here!

Had a good trip despite what I was going through emotionally before the trip. Did some snorkeling with the manatees near Kings spring, then did a day drift dive over at Rainbow river. Then we did a night drift dive at the same place in the middle of a thunder and lightning storm. Gotta admit here, not much gets me scared or near panicked, but when the lightning started to flash and illuminate everything under the water I started to chase the boat a little. If you're ever in the area of Crystal river and looking to do some diving or snorkeling look up the guys at APD. They took care of us, the divemasters Gene and Quin were great, had a great time.

Next we went to Devils Den which is another spring, but you have to go down into a cave to get in the water, it was great. My wife did forget her mask and snorkel there, but the people there were nice enough to send it back to us once we got home. They really took care of us over there.

Luckily my wife and I take more than one mask each on dive trips.

Day three we were off to Ginnie springs/Devils Eye/Devils Ear. I have to say that the first cavern we went into was great, and there were a lot of fishes to check out.  The devils eye/ear kind of sucked. The dive shop isn't all that great either, my advice is to go to this place with low expectations and you won't be disappointed. we decided to drive on through the day after that and go somewhere else sneaking in an unscheduled dive location/stop.

The last stop we made was at Vortex Spring in the panhandle. I have to say that my dive guru reccommended this place to begin with, and he was on the money about it. I think this place is great for diving, and regret not having more time to do a second or third dive there that day. Alas we had only enough time to do one dive before we had to come back to louisiana and my wife had to go back to work. But we made it, safely and had a great time. so as I said I'm back but I'm no less an idiot that last time I posted on my Blog.

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