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still talking with myself

Posted by newbloodmoon , 05 September 2013 · 289 views

still talking with myself If you talk to or with yourself it's only crazy if you're poor.  Thundering really good righr now, so lights are off so I can watch the lightning. Hopefully the neighbors don't think I am a peeper, because i'm not.

Can't wait for halloween, best holiday ever, when else can you dress up, beg for food, run around im the dark to scare your...


Elvis, Solomon Rushdi, and the lizard king, just got a new roomate.

Posted by newbloodmoon , 03 July 2013 · 143 views

So Snowden is the latest leaker that has plauged the US government as of late. Whether he is a traitor, hero, or someone looking to cash in on 15 minutes of fame is unknown by me. I have not spoken to the man, or had even known about him prior to this story.

I have never really been surprised to learn that government, military, and insert insidious group...


The Mystery of Cat Flatulence

Posted by newbloodmoon , 03 November 2009 · 118 views

Interesting title is it not? I mean that's why you are here really. It's okay, I won't tell anyone if you are secretly enamored with cat farts, or the mysteries in them. Actually there is no real mystery to a cat fart. Much like any animal, diet, and how much air you actually swallow in the course of a meal will determine whether or not you...


Aura Protections Part One

Posted by newbloodmoon , 24 February 2009 · 89 views

    I have read various accounts of people using Auras to protect themselves. One of the best descriptions of this I had found in the book "Grimoire for The Apprentice Wizard" By Oberon Zell. It is written with younger audiences in mind (junior and senior high school) but the teachings apply to any and all who wish to learn the craft. It is...


Busier then a Beaver in an Unclogged Creek

Posted by newbloodmoon , 22 February 2009 · 78 views

Well I have been taking some time off from writing in the forums as of late and have been rather busy.  I have been summoned for Jury duty which sucks munchkins but my attempts to get out of it has failed.  Hopefully that won't tear me away too much from here, well at least more then necessary.  I have started re-reading the Wheel of Time series,...


Demon summoning posts.

Posted by newbloodmoon , 07 January 2009 · 238 views

I have noticed lately a rash of demon summoning, or demon possession posts recently. Evil entities have a rich tradition in several cultures. In Christianity there are the fallen angels, demons, devils, and nephalim. Islam has the Djinns, Buddhists have demons, Nordic traditions have the giants, and Loki etc. Voudoun has a rich tradition of...


Haiku IV

Posted by newbloodmoon , 04 January 2009 · 64 views

On this round of the Haiku hoedown, had to start with one that I wrote with an actual UM member in mind.  That and I was watching some old He-Man episodes and inspiration hit.

Princess of power
Is saving the universe
All praise to She-ra

Edgar Allen Poe
Writer of fine poetry
And scary stories

Lost in woods at night
Wolves howling at the full...


Finding Bigfoot on a Ghost Hunt

Posted by newbloodmoon , 15 December 2008 · 49 views

Now some time ago around 4 years ago, a friend of mine as well as his girlfriend at the time decided to go to the local hot spots for "ghost" activity.  There is a place affectionately called Bills Bench in the extreme south of town which is foothills and forest.  As the legend goes, Bill was a homeless guy that would come to this bench and hang...


Spooky things that go bump in the night.

Posted by newbloodmoon , 04 December 2008 · 61 views

Okay so in my main page I state that I have a bit of an obsession concerning things that go bump in the night.  Hence why I like to visit this site as much as I do.  Now I know there are quite a few people that come here (to U.M. in general) that are skeptic about a great many things.  Now a strong dose of skepticism is very important when covering these...


Left field isn't center field

Posted by newbloodmoon , 01 December 2008 · 75 views

I wonder in all honesty if other people look at these? And if they do, what do they think about the people who write them? Are these a true glimpse through the window of our souls much like a window to the window of our eyes? Now I am not to terribly concerned about what people might be thinking about me while reading these. It's not like I am...

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