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The dance

Posted by markdohle , 11 June 2006 · 151 views

Joy and sorrow are partners in the dance of life
A tango or perhaps a two step who knows,
One leading and then the other
In an interplay of happiness and loss
Both needed for the other to exist at all.

For joy alone becomes nothing,
Like the ocean without waves,
So calm that life lessens,
The intensity gone with only boredom remaining.

In this world both must be present
For the pilgrims journey to continue,
Over the mountain
And thru the dark valley
That each must tread alone.

The wheel is always turning
Nothing points to a stable state
Only the constant changing of life around us
With its challenges and tasks
That none can escape.

It is the center that is unmoving
That place of pure light
Often hidden and forgotten,
Nonetheless it is our root,
Our rock,
Even if unknown.