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God's will

Posted by markdohle , 16 June 2006 · 119 views

God is such a funny term,
So generic and easy to use,
It slips off the tongue smoothly
Either in praise or in a curse,
Easy to make trivial,
To seek to box in
By certain theologies or beliefs,
Thinking that the mind of God can be known,
Expressed shamefully
By simple quotes,
Thereby damming those who are different;
Who see the eternal with different understandings.
God's image is what we are made in,
The eternal not in ours,
Though in reality that is what is most worshipped,
A deity yet finite,
Making holy what is willed,
Hence the cruelty and madness of religion
In the hands of those who think they understand,
When in fact they worship a deity tribal,
Used as a reason to live out the darkest fantasies
Calling them God's will.
The seeds of this madness reside in the human heart.
In my heart this weed is sometimes felt
Causing sadness that I am so far from living out what I know I must.
Only those who know are aware of inner conflict,
The rest assured that they are right in doing Godís will
The flowing blood giving honor to Moloch the eater of children.