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First time offender (perhaps there is no answer)

Posted by markdohle , 17 June 2006 · 66 views

Locked within a small cell the first time offender sat
Longing to look out the window to high for him to view
His punishment harsh but deserved
There was hope for change when his time began
The jungle he now lives in has other plans for him
Beat down
Abused and raped
A gang the only way to be safe
Bonded strong
Loyalty deep
A family adopted and loved
All others enemies outside to be used or killed
Whatever is convenient at the time
Humanity slowly dying
In the cement world he finds himself in
Soon to be reborn into a new life
A life of a hardened criminal loyal to his clan
Until either in or out he gives his blood
Spilled by knife or bullet it matters not
Another life truncated with talents lost
The true seed of life never blooming
For others to sit in its benevolent shade.