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In the face of eternity

Posted by markdohle , 18 June 2006 · 80 views

Absurdity at times seems to rule,
The days pass in a rapidity unstoppable
Death moving ever closer,
The past growing ever longer,
Then one day the future is short,
Time once seeming to be abundant
Shows it scarcity
As the end comes into sight.
Seeing the cliff that will propel over into darkness
Eternal our exit from this life
All our pains,
Sorrows and fears
Meaning nothing,
Gone like vapor,
Like the blossom of the rose gone in a few days.

In the darkness and loneliness
Buried deep,
Often hidden from sight and feeling,
Leaving emotions cold,
A fire burns placed by the unknowable,
Infinite and other,
Drawing us in spite of our selves
Towards union with its flame,
The journey dark true
But love is stronger than darkness and death
Making them a mockery,
Mercy showing them naked and helpless
In the face of eternity.
The dimness of faith only hides for a time
The overwhelming light that is always present,
Since it is the only thing truly real and eternal.