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Posted by markdohle , 19 June 2006 · 91 views

Breathe  in the pain of the world
And then breathe it out again.
Allow your compassion to flow,
Unite with those who suffer like you
And then let the air flow outward
Into the loving light of the Eternal One…..
Who also breathes in the pain of the world
And embraces those who suffer…..
See yourself in others,
Of the image thrown back be not afraid;
For indeed we are one
And with one heart we beat
Though not so obvious at times.
Whatever you do to the least,
You do to me say Christ.
What do you think he meant (?)
When that truth was revealed.
Christ is found in all
Hidden at times
Without the eyes to see.
But we each must experience
The Presence in the lowly
Those whom we perhaps hate
Despise or who repulse us;
Also in the rich and powerful,
The good and as well as the bad,
Since it is we who judge by mere appearance,
And not from our deepest heart.
The more we embrace and love
The deeper the healing,
For Christ life is growing,
Though suffering may remain.
To love is to suffer,
To be open is to allow compassion,
And with that empathy,
To grow and flourish.
Joy also follows
Joy and pain cannot be separated
In this world of contrast
Where only Divine love can bridge and overcome.