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What if?

Posted by markdohle , 23 June 2006 · 106 views

I wonder how things would change,
If it is even possible,
Perhaps only by grace can such a thing happen,
If when looking into the face of a person truly evil,
Or thought to be so by human standards,
By any standard if the truth be told,
One who has caused  pain and misery
Beyond comprehension
On untold numbers.
What if
Looking upon such a one.
Reviled by all,
What if by a miracle of grace and healing,
We saw a creature
Loved infinitely by God
How would that change the world?
What would stop?
What would flower?
What pain would be healed?
Would our souls change?
What would happen to our hearts?

Oh, that is really lovely!!

I like that a lot!

I wonder as well.   yes.gif
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Now if we could do it  geek.gif

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