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Posted by markdohle , 30 June 2006 · 52 views

Who seeks (?),
What is it that pursues us (?),
Down the corridors of time of each small life
So quickly over with nothing to mark its passing,
Forgotten in short order by all.

Grace of offering being the stable point,
In the depths,
In patience infinite,
Centered unmoving.

While all else changes in rapid sequence
Moving towards greater chaos and dysfunction;
With dying being the end for all.

Each death is the end of the universe,
The dark valley entered by each one by one;
Entrance or exit (?),
The end or beginning (?);
The eternal nagging inner debate
Allowing no real rest for those who question.

As death’s dark door opens,
What is it that awaits us (?),
That has pursued us all of our days (?),
A foolish dream mocking,
Or truth beyond all knowing,
Love beyond imagining (?)