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The child

Posted by markdohle , 03 July 2006 · 96 views

The child looked up at god
Angry it seems
Stumbling and falling
Smelling of Rum
Weeping one moment
Laughing insanely the next
Eyes wild and hair eschew
Covered in his own vomit

While the goddess for the child
Weeping also
Cowering with no time for the one watching
Fearing the strikes that will fall on both
Life beat out of her
Her spirit broke waiting only for death
Release into oblivion

The child hid
Watched and learned
The ways of a god and goddess
Understanding power and it uses
Seeing it fruit
The chaos and pain
Of a life wasted hurting others
Then in a moment
The child rejected what it was taught

Truth and strength.
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You got it.

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