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The searing Sun

Posted by markdohle , 05 July 2006 · 63 views

The sun merciless in its pounding heat,
Seared the skin exposed,
No protection to be found
Walking the long lonely road.
Thirst also a constant companion,
Silent in its urgent longing,
Inwardly screaming for the cool liquid
Its only hope to survive


On the horizon something was seen
Causing hope to arise that was lost,
The smell of moisture
Torture delightful,
A slight cool breeze
Mixed with the hot dry sun bleached air,
Like a moth to a flame drew thirst,  
And relief for burning skin forward.

The shade embraced gently
Healing the searing pain for a while,
The sudden coolness and breeze
Pleasure beyond description
Enfolded the one suffering the pains of hell.

The water lay before the eyes
Feasting on beauty never understood before,
Tongue swollen,
Lips creaked,
Skin peeling falling like snow,
Forgotten in the vision of life before its eyes

With a joy never felt before
It dove beneath the cool water,
A child once again,
Born into a new world,
Drinking slowly but long
Exulting in its liquid heaven
Swearing never to take life for granted again.