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My family

Posted by markdohle , 13 July 2006 · 50 views

I love being part of a very large family.  So many brothers and sister, each different, yet there is a certain something that binds us, that identifies us, mark us as family.  Growing up in a large family has its ups and downs, no doubt about it, but I doubt I would want it any other way.  I think living with the noise, chaos, fighting, laughing, helping each other, taking care of the family needs etc.; all the things that make up a large family, can give a head start in ones ability to understand others that will cross our paths as we move further along on our journey.  

I am the third of 11 children. All still alive except for one, who died three days after his birth in 1958; he was named Michael, at least that is what mom told me one day when I was sitting on the side of the bed, talking to her after she came home for the hospital.  She seemed subdued and sad, but she smiled for me when letting me know about what happened.  

I have two older brothers, the eldest, Skip, who is six years older than Robert, holds a special place in the family.   Being seven years my senior, a big gap with children, sort of put him in the adult category when I was growing up.   He was always saddled with the job of watching us, and I suppose that he never had much time for himself,  He also helped out a great deal in helping dad with the gas station that was in the family for a few years in the mid to late 50ís.  I suppose I have always admired Skip, the older brother, a second dad of sorts, who perhaps never really had a childhood like the rest of us did.  I have always felt close to him, and when I visit family in Texas I always stay at his house.

In the mid 60ís Skip found himself in a small town called ĎFreeportí. Not a pretty town, but I like it there well enough.  It is near the ocean, and the people for the most part are friendly.  Robert moved down near Skip in the very early seventies, and has been there since. He married a local gal, Trisha, a great lady, very smart and insightful about many things.   David, Victor and Craig, also moved down there for awhile and all of them were in the siding business, except for Robert, who became a policeman for a short time, then worked for Dow.  

Judy, Jane and Georgia also ended up there in the early 70ís, and Georgia the youngest, and Jane the twin of Judy, the younger twin by six minutes, is still there.  So Skip being the oldest is responsible for my side of the family having sort of central meeting place.  Sissy the oldest girl and fifth in line lives in Oklahoma, and has been there for over thirty years.

There is so much to write about when the family is so large, but over the course of time I will try to write about all of them.  Though I doubt I will be able to do justice to any of them, since I really donít see them that often, but I will try any way.   One thing for sure, as we get older we get more loving with each other, though there are still fights, problems etc.  Got to have those kinds of things, perhaps life would be boring if they did not happen once in awhile.  Misunderstandings are a simple part of life, and in families they can be very painful at times.

I canít say I like being a child, or a teenage for that matter, but I always loved being part of a large tribe, loud yes, hyper, well we can be when we get together, but I would not trade anyone of them for the world.

Mom and Dad had quite a ride raising us, and they did it without a booklet, which means a lot of mistakes were made, but there were also many successes along the way.  Now that both parents are gone it is just us, and I hope as the years continue to speed by we will  grow closer together, and not let any petty squabbles  hide that deep and abiding love we have for each other, even if it can be hidden sometimes.    Love is deeper than sentiment, emotions, or feelings; it is stable, rock hard and deep.