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Three friends out to dinner

Posted by markdohle , 20 October 2006 · 48 views

Three friends out to dinner on a warm fall evening,
Work mates seeking company in a different milieu,
Putting the daily grind behind, and just being in each others company,
Eating, drinking, and laughing up a storm, taking about everything and anything.

Funny situations from the past,
Yes also about work,
Each brings out laughter loud and pure.

Ordering enough for six and not just three,
The table full to overflowing with beautiful Cuisine,
Sushi of all kinds, rolls larger than thought,
Sake, one cold, the other warm, and yes wine for one.

Spicy rolls causing burning pain and hilarity,
Causing two to ask for a coke and a sprite
To wash away the heat, causing faces to flush,
The other seeing no problem being Tabasco trained.

All in all a lovely evening,
An oasis of sorts with friends
Allowing each to be them selves
To be silly, funny, with childlike joy in life.