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Hanging in frigid air

Posted by markdohle , 14 November 2006 · 65 views

There are days when my heart is restless, un-rooted,
Torn from the earth hanging in frigid air,
Seeking once again a simple place of refuge, and peace,
Often denied as I wander empty and sometimes frantic.

The world seen as faded, without energy, unrelated,
So I wander from thing to thing,
Object to object,
As an orphan seeking a home, warmth, and belonging.

Neither books, nor food, nor music, nor prayer consoles,
Like an earth bound soul I wander,
The spirits inward cold, seeking warmth,

I cry out
No answer
Until I simply stop, sit, wait,
Heart open, expectant.

Eyes closed focused on the inner darkness,
Simply being with no thought of release,
Waiting in faith unfelt, engulfed in emptiness,
I slowly find inner peace

Suddenly the barrier dissipates,
Frigid winter over as light returns,
Grace freely given
I am home.

I never left, is the lesson I never seem to learn,
Like a child I cry out when I feel left alone,
The beloved hiding,
Drawing by closer by my inner anguish, and hidden tears.

Nov 14 2006 04:22 AM
Great poem really rings home
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QUOTE(Ashley-Star*Child @ Nov 13 2006, 11:22 PM)

Great poem really rings home

Thank you.

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