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Hidden from human eyes (written while on retreat)

Posted by markdohle , 20 November 2006 · 62 views

The pond outside my window is small,
Surrounded by tall grass on the north end
With trees slowly slipping into their winter sleep.
The water alive with gentle ripples
Foot prints of gentle rain disturbing the surface.
Still mostly undisturbed,
Its depth silent untouched

Life is there below the surface,
Its tempo hidden from prying eyes.
Life and death,
A place of struggle without compassion or mercy;
Yet the surface peaceful to the human eye.
So much hidden,
Often forgotten
What is below the calm surface.

Slowly the light fades,
A few birds call out to each other
Calling me to thoughts of rest,
To dream,
To perhaps awaken to what is below,
Hidden from human eyes.

The depths within are filled with life,
Inhabited by creatures fearful if seen in the light of day,
Often thought asleep in the deep inner waters.
A lie often believed if not thought about,
None the less there,
Waiting to be faced,
Seeking expression in the world of non-sleep.

Also great beauty lies hidden,
Its burden to heavy to bear,
Perhaps more than the monsters,
Those who dwell and feed below,
Filled with madness from their imprisonment.

To see ones true nature both dark and ugly,
As well as what points to the transcendent,
Places a heavy burden on the one who experiences it.
Tearing away ignorance embraced
Into the light bright with reality exposed;
Who can bear it,
The heights and the depths?