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This moment also His

Posted by markdohle , 02 December 2006 · 38 views

This moment so much like the one before,
Yet unique as all moments are,
My blindness keeps me from the newness of this instant,
Which leads to a flatness,
A sameness,
Something that leads to despair.

Pregnant is what each moment is.
If I cannot see that,
Then I am asleep,
Missing the invitation to deeper life,
A transforming relationship beyond all time.

Moments converge,
On the Moment,
The eternal,
In which all time is contained,
It is there,
That we meet.

In peace or chaos,
In pleasure or in pain,
In joy or sorrow,
In hope or despair,
We are asked to respond to simply what is before us.

God is,
Not always a welcoming thought.
Calls us in the moment,
Closer than our skin and bone,
Deeper in than our souls,
With us on our journey,
Our joy, pain, sorrow, despair also his.