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Side by side

Posted by markdohle , 04 December 2006 · 56 views

The world within is a nation  unto itself,
Fractured society it often seems,
Elements of destruction,
Also the desire for growth,
Live side by side often at war,
A ragtag army of malcontents
Seeking to drown those who are wise,
Who calmly whisper their counsel.

Complete satiation from fulfilled desire denied,
Only deeper hunger remains,
Worse still a deadly lethargy feeding off emptiness,
Driving one to seek with deeper desperation,
Something, anything, that can’t be found by well worn paths.
The inner tumult deafening in its demands,
Though what is needed already known,
From ignored wisdom acquired.

Pious sentiment best let go of.
Seeking relief apart from what must be done,
Only wounds faced can be healed,
Soothing ointments only cover what is beneath,
The slow rot of self destructive acts embraced.
The road of faith in darkness seeking,
That which is often feared yet desired…..grace and inner freedom.

The spider web created enmeshing the soul,
Intricate thought seeking untruth,
Wrapped tightly worsened by struggle hopeless,
Yet known after all
A place,
A state,
Known and embraced,
Fear of inner flight, deadening.