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Will I be washed away

Posted by markdohle , 12 December 2006 · 27 views

Will I be washed away?

I wish my heart was open
Allowing tears to flow.
Without shame,
A healing flood I deny myself,
The key hidden I know not where.
One day possibly it will not matter,
The key,
For the barrier will crumble perhaps.

I sense cracks forming in the dikes,
Allowing whatever behind to flow in freedom,
If only a little.

What is it like,
That expression,
Will I be washed away?

In so many ways communicated tears.
Expressing anger,
And mourning.
Gently flowing for some,
Others a raging torrent…..
Something hidden deep within perhaps one day to arise,
Self control abandoned,
The freedom of expression no longer denied.

What song will I on that day sing?
When the flow begins,
And the walls crumble,
Allowing the tears to flow.
Will I will I be washed away?

Strange me writing this,
For in younger days I would consider it weakness,
Now I know strength is needed for salty tears.
A gift I yet posses,
Hidden behind walls high and strong,
Built with the mortar of repression perfected.
Perhaps tears are different for men?
If so, if this is true,
It is a heavy burden indeed.

For strength to be considered weakness
Forges a prison secure,
From which there is no escape,
Accept in death.
Perhaps one needs to be willing to be washed away.