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Empty oblivion

Posted by markdohle , 17 December 2006 · 27 views

The soul young in world were all souls are such,
A place were children play,
In ways not often understood by the form that it takes,
Often rough,
Pain enough for everyone and all are invited,
Yet joy also,
Often eclipsed by the childishness often displayed.
None escape the sand box in which the games are played out.

In a world were doubt is pervasive,
Even true believers,
Though often denied,
Or perhaps it goes unnoticed protected by fear,
Harbor dark crevices where doubt sets up its tent,
Arising in the deep night when the dark closes in.

In such a world the young soul steps forward,
To the edge of the cliff over looking a deep abyss.
On the edge perched like a strange sort of bird,
Looking down at only empty oblivion,
What the souls fears is its final home,
Yet doubt of a different genus,
Has set up its home,
Allowing some hope to linger no matter how small.

Raising up its arms,
The young soul full of fear and unbelief,
Yet hope a seed that is slowly sprouting,
Yet there prodding, the soul to simply drop,
Into empty oblivion.

Suddenly the soul falls forward with eyes wide open,
As it fell rapidly in to the darkness below,
Cold all embracing, eager, to envelop the one plummeting.
The young soul wailed thinking what he thought was true,
Empty oblivion being his true home.
Waiting for his simple ending to occur,
A kind of peace that nothingness gives.

At the height of darkness when the cold was unbearable,
The young one fell into the light,
Bright yet not harsh,
Yet love was embracing the doubting young soul.

The loved swelled from regions unknown,
For the young soul itself was without form or boundaries,
Agony and ecstasy one and the same,
The crescendo building until the soul thought it would simply explode.
One thing it said at the last,
When faced with this infinite embrace,
“I did not know, nor did I understand”.

It then awoke gasping for air.
Sheets twisted on the bed,
Body covered with the sheen of sweat;
Again in the world of young souls where doubt is persuasive.

Like an old friend it prods us on,
To explore and think,
To face fears,
Doubt, is a true friend to both believers and those who don’t.